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At ZAG, we offer One Stop Centre services concept to our clients even before they register their business until they grow to be a leader in their respective industry. No matter how small or big your business are, we have the flexibility in designing the right solutions to meet your organization’s need within the framework of the law.

As a business consultant, we always keep our clients up-to-date with relevant financial reporting and related legislative and also technical changes. Our dynamic team will help your company comply with all statutory requirement and generate new ideas how to be the best among the rest with quality assurance and ISO Certification.

Dedicated to helping you grow your business and your profits, ZAG provides specialist business advising services primarily to small and medium enterprises. Below are the services that we offer;

Setting up the right structure for your business venture is an important decision as it depends not only the size and type of your business, but the specific goals that you have. This is the reason why choosing the suitable type of business entity is the first crucial step.

With the enforcement and introduction of the new Companies Act 2016 and Limited Liability Partnership 2012, regulatory compliance is not an easy task anymore and it comes with hefty penalties if you break the rules. Start your business dream with an appointment for highly experience and knowledgeable licensed company secretary.

  1. Company Formation and Registration Of Business Entity
  2. Limited Liability Partnership Registration
  3. Company Secretary Services / Compliance Officer
  4. Company Info and Bankruptcy Search
  5. Merger and Acquisition

Having a solid tax strategy is the one that will keep steer you from costly repercussions and keep you up to date on tax law, rules and regulations. This is because issues regarding tax compliance and reporting regulations are becoming more time intensive, more complex and more of a burden to many business owners.

Whether you are individual, small business or multinational company, your business is effected by evolving tax legislation which sometimes also impact your business performance if it is not managed effectively. At ZAG, our consultants are skilled to provide assistance and advice on the following:

  1. Tax Compliance
  2. Tax Review and Advisory
  3. Corporate and Individual Tax Planning
  4. Tax Audit and Investigation
  5. Indirect Taxes – Sales & Service Tax

Entrepreneurs are already stretched with the resources and their time. It is critical to have a ‘business partner’ who truly care about helping you achieve your goals. Get the right advice from the right consultant. Traditional approaches to strategy and growth are insufficient to meet the challenge. We cannot just analyze the past to predict the future.

Our methodologies go beyond that and focus on business financial, operational efficiency, marketing strategy and also organizational development through employees comprehensive training session. Lead by Mr. Ramlee Said, our group of advisors will proudly serve you if you need these kind of services:

  1. Strategic Management
  2. Business Health Assessment
  3. Buisness Process Improvement
  4. Business Transformation
  5. Productivity and Cost Efficiency
  6. Core Process Mapping
  7. ISO certification Consultants
  8. Marketing Plan

One of the biggest challenge in running a business is managing staff. As we know that human capital development is not only a question of recruitment, payroll management and human resource administration. It is more than that.

In today’s world, employers have to capture the heart and mind of their employees. Equip your employees with valuable knowledge and new skills through a systematic and comprehensive training programmes for them. Unleash their potential and you will get the result! Below are the list of training provided by our firm;

  1. Innovative Problem Skills Training : TRIZ
  2. Total Quality Management Training
  3. Teambuilding and Staff Motivation
  4. Customer Service Training
  5. Enterprise Risk Management
  6. Anti- Bribery Management System
  7. ISO Certification Training
  8. Business Due Diligent

Education services sector is now become an agent of globalization. As the country develops into high income nation, efforts to boost the international education market are made to meet the growing demand from foreign parents.

Take a look at the statistic today, the number of new international school as well as international private colleges and universities have a grown in Malaysia. More and more foreign student choose Malaysia as their destination to further their study.

In order to capitalize on these opportunity, ZAG Education Advisory Division has now actively involve in foreign student recruitment for locals institutions especially from Asian country especially from Indonesia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Maldives and also middle east. Together with our clients, we are invested in the future of higher education and creating sustainable business models for successful institutional transformation.

Creative and innovative sometime is not enough without proper research. In a way to improve existing products, services and procedures, every business must have their research and development strategy (R&D).

Business that have R & D plan have a greater chance of success than businesses that don’t. It is a valuable tool for growing your business and increased productivity. It is also can boost your business competitive advantage.

But the real constrain to do that for small business owner is the lack of expertise and the cost of R & D. This is the reason why you should think to outsource your R & D department to a team of researcher who knows better about market and business development.

  1. Tourism & Travel Business Industry
  2. Education Services Industry
  3. New Market and Global Expansion Study
  4. Property Development Industry
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